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Did You Know That...? The margarita and one of the most popular Muppets were inspired by and named in honor of a person born in North Dakota; A former North Dakota baseball player had over 4,000 hits and over 400 home runs as a batter and over 400 wins and 4,000 strikeouts as a pitcher during his professional career; The bullet that killed Wild Bill Hickok became lodged in the wrist of a North Dakotan, who became a living exhibit at the trial of Hickock's murderer; Norway's first recording star gave up his promising musical career to homestead in rural North Dakota; A former North Dakota basketball star made 2,750 consecutive free throws at the age of 71; A former North Dakota U.S. Senator is the only person to have his cremated ashes legally scattered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.; Louis L'Amour was a champion boxer and circus elephant trainer before becoming a best-selling author; A North Dakotan was elected to the legislature three times -- first as a Republican, the second time as a Populist, and the third time as a Democrat; Two test pilots born in North Dakota established at least 50 aviation records between them; A young lady gave up her home in an English castle to spend the rest of her life in a modest home on the North Dakota prairie. Read these and many other fascinating stories in Volume 7!

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