Below is a listing of general comments about the stories and articles printed in the newspapers, which are then printed, unedited by newspapers, in the "Did You Know That...?" books.

Sounds like an interesting project. I enjoyed reading the first two installments.
Roger Bailey, Executive Director, North Dakota Newspaper Association

These articles will fit nicely into our paper. Thanks for thinking of us.
Dave Bundy, Former Editor, Bismarck Tribune

The articles are very well written. Thanks for thinking of us.
Carole Tarrant, Former Managing Editor, Fargo Forum

They should be an interesting part of newspapers that readers will look forward to each week. Thank you.
Jay Ulku, Weekend Editor, Fargo Forum

I've been reading your history columns ever since you started writing them, and really enjoy them. Thanks for writing those fascinating columns. I love reading of the history of this area, and you come up with some wonderful topics.
Bob Lind, Fargo Forum

I have been enjoying your weekly columns… You really hit on something. It's great and entertaining. Keep up the good work.
Doug Schulz, Bismarck, ND

Your articles share significant episodes on ND history of which the public is not often informed. Thanks, keep up the excellent series .
Arland O. Fiske, Laporte, MN, Author: The Scandinavian Heritage series of books

I have very much enjoyed your series of articles about people who have had an impact on North Dakota or some interesting connection to the state.
Don K. Johnson, Fargo, ND

I've enjoyed your historical articles. Keep reminding us of these memorable people. Thank you again.
Earl York, High Ridge, MO

My wife and I will look forward to future columns. Top notch work. I'm glad you're doing this special piece each week.
Keith Trego, Bismarck, ND

Just wanted to let you know I sure enjoy reading your articles. I sure like learning more about North Dakota history - particularly with the interesting way you and Jan write. Keep up the great work!
Gaylynn Becker, Ph.D., New Salem & Hebron High Schools

The articles are excellent.
Eric Clausen, Former Editor, NDGA Magazine

I've been seeing more and more of your columns showing up in the newspaper. Good writing!
Dr. Bill Woods, Fargo, ND

You are certainly succeeding in your goal of presenting poorly remembered historical figures in an interesting way.
Dale Schmid, Santa Rosa, CA

I very much enjoy your articles. I look forward to reading them each week.
Norma Johnson, Fargo, ND

I have very much enjoyed reading your weekly column. It is fascinating information.
Al Jaeger, Secretary of State, Bismarck, ND

I regularly enjoy your observations.
Jay R. Lindgren, Fargo, ND

My son has been sending your column containing North Dakota history to me and which I’m delighted to receive being a history buff myself.
Vern Peterson Sr., Anacortes, WA

I've become one of your fans after reading your writing over the last few months. Your writing is interesting and continues to draw my attention with every new Sunday. In fact, I probably read the same article three or more times before the paper gets to the next person.
Dwight S. Cuffe, Fargo, ND

My thanks to you for writing a thoroughly enjoyable column! I grew up in Fargo and will always think of it as "Home" despite having lived elsewhere since 1981 when I moved due to a military active duty assignment. Your column often brings an even deeper appreciation for what makes North Dakota so special which I look forward to reading each week!
Stephen D. Vining, Lt Col, USAF (Retired) Disabled American Veteran, Dayton, OH

We look forward to reading more of your columns in the future. Many thanks.
Dan Watson, Carrington, ND

I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles, keep up the good work!
Janet Goodman, Devils Lake, ND

I’m enjoying your columns in the Tribune.
Marilyn Johnson, Bismarck, ND

I do enjoy reading about people from North Dakota, that made a difference in our nations history and I have always enjoyed your articles. Sincerely,
Bruce Eckre, Wahpeton, ND

I enjoy reading your column each week.
Lynn Bueling, Wahpeton, ND

I just wanted to say that I enjoy your column very much. It's fun and interesting to find out about all the famous and not so famous people that have North Dakota ties. I'm wondering if your articles will or have ended up in book yet. Nice work, Curt and keep it up!
Ron Lundquist, Kindred, ND

I have been reading your Sunday column, and it is the first thing I turn to in the Sunday paper.
Claudia Halverson, Fargo, ND

I enjoy reading you regularly. It is good ND history.
Tom Tupa, Bismarck, ND

Just to let you know that I enjoy your articles that you write. Keep up the good work and I will keep reading.
Larry Halvorson, Fargo, ND

I have been enjoying your columns on North Dakota history for many months. They are an important part of the newspaper. Thank you both!
Joe Satrom, Bismarck, ND

I always look forward to your columns each Sunday. I love the insights into some of our unique historical figures.
Larry Kleingartner, Bismarck, ND

Always enjoy your columns.
Jack McDonald, Bismarck, ND

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your articles. I am looking forward to more of same.
Henry LaBore, Fargo, ND

We have been very interested in your column.
Wayne & Nadine Cole, Page, ND

I enjoy very much reading your history columns every Sunday ... you are performing a real service to the state by researching, writing, and publishing these interesting histories ... keep up the outstanding work!
Rick Collin, Communications Director, State Historical Society of North Dakota

I've enjoyed your articles and watch for them faithfully.
Doug Weberg, Grafton, ND

I never miss your articles; Great stories.
Hiram Drache, Historian-in-Residence, Concordia College

Your articles in the newspapers about noted people from North Dakota are always interesting.
Donna Kramer, Bismarck, ND

You have become, somewhat surprisingly, the owners of one of the areas of the newspaper that I have become very dependent on. Your column has filled a void. So for some reason I felt the need to tell you thanks and keep up the good work, it is appreciated.
Chuck Weisser, Mandan, ND

I look forward to your historical articles each week.
Manuel C Harris , Jamestown, ND

Nice articles.
Barry A. Beloff, Minneapolis, MN

I'm a fan of yours.
Beverly Peterson, Bismarck, ND

I really enjoy your columns. Keep up the good work.
Bill Schulz

I read all your columns and look forward to many more of them.
Mike Knudson

I enjoy your columns about ND people.
Verna LaBounty

As always, I enjoyed your column in this Sunday’s newspaper. Keep up the good work. Your column is an important contribution to the Sunday paper!
David Borlaug, Washburn, ND

I read your columns and they are always interesting.
David Blackstead, Bismarck, ND

I've been enjoying your column very much. Thanks, again, for your interesting articles.
Erik R. Johnson, Fargo, ND

I moved from Fargo in February of 2007 to take a new job in Austin, Texas. A few months ago, one of my friends asked me what I missed about the Fargo area, and I specifically mentioned how much I enjoyed your "Did You Know That?" column. Keep up the great work – your historical columns are delightful and fascinating.
Edi Gerlach Falk, Austin, TX

I enjoy reading your columns. If I may suggest, your articles should appear in book form. They are great.
Gene Freimanis


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