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John D. Rockefeller exiled his father, William Rockefeller, to Park River to try and conceal William's scandalous behavior; A former movie and television star lived in seclusion in West Fargo because of serious health issues; A Chicago White Sox ringleader who conspired to throw the 1919 World Series played baseball in North Dakota after he was banished from professional baseball; Colonel George Custer's roommate at West Point became his Confederate enemy during the Civil War. The two were later reunited as they worked together to facilitate the survey of a route for the Northern Pacific Railroad west of Bismarck; One of the most memorable scenes in the movie The Great Escape centered on an incident involving a pilot from North Dakota; A key figure in the assassination controversy of President Kennedy was born and raised in North Dakota; During World War II, Adolf Hitler placed a high priority on the capturing or killing of a North Dakota educator; It is reported that the ghost of the North Dakota born instructor who honed the acting skills of Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman, and other noted actors roams the famous playhouse he founded; Al Capone's oldest brother was a feared federal prohibition agent on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation; The man who was the prototype for Archie Bunker, Ralph Cramden, and Fred Flintstone was called the "squatter governor of North Dakota." Read these and many other fascinating stories in Volume 6.

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